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Escape From Furnace (also known as EFF or commonly just called by the name of the first book, Lockdown) is a YA horror/sci-fi series by Alexander Gordon Smith, consisting of five novels, Lockdown, Solitary, Death Sentence, Fugitives, Execution, and two novellas, The Night Children (a prequel that builds on Warden Cross' past), and Silent Night (a pre-Lockdown prequel about Donovan). As of 2019, it has been officially announced an Escape From Furnace movie is currently in development.

The series tells about the life of a thief-turned-inmate, Alex Sawyer, and his friends, who are all inmates of Furnace Penitentiary. The main story consists of Alex’s struggle to break out of and shut down Furnace and everything it embodies. As Alex discovers more of Furnace’s secrets, he struggles with the darkness in his own mind.

Furnace Trailer

Furnace Trailer

Furnace MottoEdit

"Beneath heaven is hell, and beneath hell is Furnace."
"They are all guilty. They are all Saved."
"Obidience is the difference life, death, and the varieties of existence on offer here in Furnace.

"One way in and no way out"

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